In addition to long-term depth-oriented psychotherapy, I also offer one-time or short-term therapeutic interventions such as:


- Active Imagination and Journey Work

- Realization Process and Subtle Self Work (Somatic Processing)

- Meditation Instruction (Multidisciplinary Approach)

- Jungian-Informed Dream Interpretation 

- Premarital Consultation (3 - 6 sessions)

- Clinical Case Consultation and Supervision 

- Executive and Business Consultation

- Conscious Parenting Consultation

- Emotional Eating Consultation / Coaching 

- Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction for Emotional Well-Being.

The therapeutic work I offer in my practice is best suited for persons who would consider themselves relatively high-functioning. Depth-oriented therapy is not appropriate for people dealing with current substance abuse, disordered eating, suicidal urges, and/or reckless, dangerous, or harmful behavior of any kind. I do not accept any insurance plans, but I will provide financial receipts upon request that may be submitted to insurance providers who offer out-of-network reimbursement. I also offer a free 15-minute phone consultation prior to setting up an initial appointment. 


Our office has a 48-hour cancellation policy for non-emergencies, and you will be charged the full 50-minute session fee for missed appointments and late cancellations.

Psychotherapy Rate: My fee for 50 minute sessions is $150.00, but I am open to discussing reduced rates dependent on a person's financial circumstances. 


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