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Image: A painting from Carl Jung's Red Book, Liber Novus, which he used to document his experiences during some of the most difficult years of his life. This tree is consistent with other archetypal examples of the cosmic tree, or axis mundi, from the Crucifix, to Yggrdasil in the Norse Tradition, or the Bodhi Tree in the Buddhist Tradition. Such imagery is often present in moments of transformation, in both myths and dreams.

Dream Consultation

Though dreams are best explored within the context of long-term psychotherapy, we are also able to offer dream consultations for those who are curious about their dreams or who want to learn more about dream work in general. In dream consultations, we can either explore a specific dream or two, or we can provide some education on the basics of working with dreams.


Both Whitney and Adam have strong backgrounds in Jungian psychology, though we are also familiar with Freudian and other views on dreams. From the Jungian and archetypal perspective, dreams contain archetypal symbols that repeat themselves in similar situations, and so by exploring the symbolic motifs of dreams (and their mythological parallels) along with the individual's personal associations to specific imagery, we can usually come to some understanding of a dream's meaning. At the same time, some dreams are impossible to understand, even for the most experienced Jungian Analysts, and so we cannot guarantee that our session will reveal the meaning of some specific dreams. Some dreams are not meant to be understood intellectually, but to have an impact emotionally and psychologically. The meaning of some dreams does not become clear until years after having it, when the long awaited revelation can have a larger impact on the psyche.

Exploring dreams is best conducted within the context of Jungian Analysis, as the client engages with a trained analyst over months or, usually, years. As the person's own capacity to understand themselves, the unconscious, and the symbolism that presents itself in dreams, it increases the likelihood that dreams might be understood. We are happy to make referrals to Jungian Analysts upon request, though we are confident that we can lead clients to a deeper understanding of dreamwork in general, and into a deeper personal relationship with their dreams, the unconscious, and themselves. At a minimum, our clients will leave their sessions with skills and practices that will deepen their understanding of dreams and themselves, allowing them to begin or deepen their own dreamwork.

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