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Clinical Consultation & Program Development

Whitney and Adam have over a decade of combined experience developing, operating, evaluating, and improving clinical and therapeutic programs. Our past work includes the formation, design, and operation of multi-day, intensive therapeutic programs for populations known to struggle in psychotherapy, the development and operation of a multi-state psychotherapy network, and program evaluation, curriculum development, and clinical writing. The programs we have developed have received endorsements and support from several prominent organizations in the healthcare industry, as well as dozens of leading businesses in the Greater Kansas City Area.

If you are developing or refining clinical programs, we may be able to assist with:

  • Researching and clarifying the nature of the problems to be addressed;

  • Identifying achievable goals to address challenges;

  • Identifying a strategy and plan of action to achieve established goals;

  • Identifying specific measures to evaluate program outcomes related to mental health;

  • Creating surveys, analyzing data, and producing a program evaluation;

  • Creating a curriculum, program or course plans, or other clinical materials to deliver programming;

  • Conducting a program review to ensure compliance with legal or ethical requirements pertaining to psychotherapy or counseling;

  • Evaluating operational components of clinical programming; and more.

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