We specialize in psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, Jungian, analytical, archetypal, and depth-oriented psychotherapy. At the same time, we have strong backgrounds in humanistic, person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and somatic therapies. Whether you're feeling down, depressed, anxious, grieving, working through the effects of trauma, or struggling with a sense of meaninglessness, we can help.

Dream Consultation

We are able to provide one-time or occasional consultation sessions regarding dreamwork, working from a sound theoretical foundation of Jungian and archetypal psychology. This might include exploring one dream, or receiving an introduction to dream work that will enable the client to begin doing dreamwork on their own. 

Subtle Self Work

Using techniques from the Realization Process, you will gently walk through a series of exercises that may help you make meaning of psychological holding patterns in the body. You will learn how to tune into the non-dual consciousness available in the internal space of the body, and how to access the body's wisdom in assisting with your personal healing and wholeness. 


Ecotherapy recognizes the importance of the person's connection to their environment, the natural world, and more-than-human nature. Ecotherapy sessions usually take place in outdoor settings, and focus on the human-nature relationship throughout the therapeutic process.

Groups for Veterans & First Responders

As an Iraq War Veteran turned therapist, Adam brings both personal and professional experience to his work with other veterans and first responders. He provides therapeutic support to this population at the individual and group level, working with hundreds of veterans and first responders since 2014. He has also written curriculums and training material for three different non-profits providing therapeutic programming for veterans suffering from PTSD, and is available for speaking, teaching, and consultation on this topic. Currently, Adam is leading a weekly group for veterans and first responders, and interested individuals are encouraged to inquire.

Business Consultation & Team-Building

If you are a business owner or team leader, we can help you to navigate the inherent difficulties that arise whenever multiple people are working together. By applying relevant elements of career theory, we can help you to make informed decisions that will impact the effectiveness and satisfaction of your team. At the same time, we can help both you, your team leaders, and your team members to more deeply understand the multitude of dynamics that effect the quality of relationships and the team as a whole.