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Journey Work & Active Imagination

Using traditions from Peruvian and Tibetan shamanism, we will ground the experience of Journey Work in the psychological technique of Active Imagination. Both Journey Work and Active Imagination invite us to explore our inner worlds and interior landscapes, and have the benefit of deepening our relationship with the unconscious and broadening our awareness. As Albert Einstein said, "We cannot solve our problems using the same level of thinking that created them". Active Imagination can be a very powerful tool to help us move outside of our habitual habits of thinking, which often trap us in intractable psychological patterns and stories. This work is designed to give you access to inner symbols and images that will help you to shift your understanding, and to change the stories you tell ourself.


Journey Work sessions are 2 hours in length. This gives us ample time to create sacred space, and to process what may come up on your Journey. The suggested donation for this time is $240.00. Before meeting for a Journey Work session, we will schedule a 15-minute phone consultation in order to make sure this type of healing modality is an appropriate fit for you. If you have never done any type of counseling or therapy before, a Journey Work session is not advised.

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